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The Berlengas Archipelago

An ancient island with mesmerizing stories 

An unforgettable island experience

Born in 2021, Sea Berlenga is more than just a tour guide. we aim to offer our customers experiences they will cherish long after they have left the island.

Our collaborators grew up spending long summers at the island and know it better than anyone. On our tours, you will experience the most wonderful sea caves in Portugal and get an opportunity to learn about their mythical stories.

Whether you choose to visit on a boat or get up and personal on a kayak, this experience will be one you certainly won't forget.


Glass-bottom boats

With over 70 different species of fish, our glass-bottom tour boats will not only allow you to explore the beautiful caves but also the magical world beneath the sea. 

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The island is an UNESCO protected Biosphere natural reserve. 

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