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Acerca de


Where do the tours begin?

Cave tours: At the main port or the Fort's port (please speak to a member of staff to request starting your tour from here) 

Kayak tours: Kayak tours begin at the main port of the island.

You will have to book a ferry boat to get to the island, we would recommend our partner Viamar.

How long do tours last?

Cave Tour: Approximately 25 minutes.

Kayak Tour: Approximately 1 hour.

Are kayak tours guided?

Kayak tours need to have a support boat alongside them. To give our customers more freedom the skipper of the guiding boat will only indicate the course of the tour and try to give you as much freedom to explore as possible. Of course, if you have any questions, would like to know anything about the island or just want to have a friendly chat, feel free to ask away.

Where can I leave my things during a kayak tour?

We provide storage for small bags and items for the duration of the tour. These can be taken on the boat tours with you. Unfortunately we are only able to provide storage for the duration of the tour to allow for other customers on subsequent tours to be able to store their belongings.

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